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Career Day:

Over 1,100 Juniors and Seniors in Findlay-Hancock County  walked through "Career Day" at Findlay High School on September 27th. Each student was encouraged to look at their path and determine the requirements needed to pursue it. The event was marketed under the slogan "Every Career Path Is Unique. Find Yours!" Students spent time learning what businesses could have opportunities for them in their fields of interest. Businesses also had a chance to talk with students about what they do as well as potential opportunities. "Career Day" is held in conjunction with "College Day" and is a concept expanded from the Exploring Program (Millstream Career Center).

In Fall 2017, Findlay-Hancock County had nearly 1,100 Juniors and Seniors visit Findlay High School for the inaugural College and Career Day Event. The purpose of the event is to showcase to students the multitude of career opportunities that exist in Findlay-Hancock County. Over 30 businesses participated in the event; each displaying company information and providing hands-on examples of products produced. Approximately 25% of graduating students in Findlay-Hancock County are planning on pursuing other ventures rather attending college, including working in manufacturing.

Raise the Bar Collaborators: Exploring, Findlay City Schools,Hancock County Schools, Millstream Career Center, Owens Community College, Local Area Businesses, and Raise the Bar Post-Secondary Committee!

For more information on Career Day 2018, click here. 

Image taken from the University of Findlay in collaboration with the Literacy Coalition of Hancock County. To learn more about the coalition, visit

Image taken from the University of Findlay in collaboration with the Literacy Coalition of Hancock County. To learn more about the coalition, visit

Habits of Good Readers

As community leaders in education dissected the literacy segment of the workforce system in Hancock County, it became apparent that information was needed from parents to understand how they could help parents increase reading levels at home. Survey data revealed that parents felt the teaching language and tools to help their children learn to read in school were conflicting with how they had learned when they were taught to read. Further discovery led to a lack of common terms being used in classrooms across Hancock County. With the help of committed teachers and administrators, the development of the “Habits of Good Readers” initiative was formed. After reaching an agreement on common language in the classrooms, flyers and videos were produced and hosted on the Literacy Coalition channel for ease of access for parents and caregivers. The Literacy Coalition continues to work with the education community to support this important initiative.


Raise the Bar Collaborators: Literacy Coalition, Findlay City Schools, Hancock County Schools, Marathon Petroleum, and Cooper Tire.

To learn more about the Habits of Good Readers, click here.


Reverse Job Fair

In 2017, Millstream Career Center piloted the innovative Reverse Job Fair model for Seniors looking to enter the part-time and full-time workforce. Students highlighted their skills at tables and displays in a way that easily provided employers with information they needed including programs, date of turning 18, GPA, and/or attendance. Each student was able to develop a plan to “sell themselves” with preparatory classes and targeted work sessions prior to the fair.

Raise the Bar Collaborators: Millstream Career Center, Local Area Businesses


Dolly Parton Imagination Library

Through the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, children in Hancock County will have books of their own…at no cost to the family!  A new carefully selected book will be mailed, in the child’s name, to his or her home each and every month from birth until he or she turns five years of age. Titles are chosen by a blue ribbon panel of educators, are age appropriate, and have concepts that build upon each other.  All children, regardless of household income are eligible for the program.  Registration is not based on socioeconomics, risk factors, participation in certain programs, parental factors or by any other means other than a child’s age and residence.

Raise the Bar Collaborators: Literacy Coalition, Findlay City Schools, Hancock County Schools, United Way, The Community Foundation, and More!

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FRC Summer Program

The FRC Summer Program was created for students throughout Findlay City Schools who were in kindergarten-5th grade that may have barriers to other available activities or who were already receiving FRC services. The curriculum for students was geared to reduce “summer slide,” a term used to describe the tendency for students, especially those from low-income families, to lose some of the achievement gains they made during the previous school year.

Students were encouraged to continue to use the common language taught through the community-wide initiative, “Leader in Me,” where soft skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, and leadership are expected of every student. Social emotional skills including focus, self-regulation, and healthy coping mechanisms were also a target for the curriculum. To round out the experience and encourage a healthy understanding of workforce and future possibilities, Friday Field Trips were added to connect students with career opportunities within Findlay-Hancock County. Over 10 community businesses and organizations partnered with FRC to provide the students with a chance to explore workforce in new and exciting places. 

“These students have such a limited exposure to what a ‘career’ or ‘job’ really is. This opportunity created a positive experience and shifted the paradigm of ‘work’ for them. It’s now something they want to do, instead of something they have to do.”     -Cara Treece, Program Director

Raise the Bar Collaborators: FRC (Family Resource Center), City Mission, Findlay City Schools, Findlay Hancock County Businesses and Organizations including: City Apparel, Rowmark, Dietsch Bros, Heavenly Pizza, University of Findlay Animal and Science Center, WLFC, UFTV, Chick-fil-A, Findlay-Hancock County First Responders, Findlay Historical Museum, Mazza Museum, and the YMCA