Our Purpose

Laurie Zydonik, Executive Director, explains various Raise the Bar initiatives.

Findlay-Hancock County has experienced strong economic growth due to the assets in infrastructure that entice businesses to build and expand. That growth, which provides positive community impact and quality of life, must have a skilled workforce fueling it in order to maintain it. Raise The Bar Hancock County fills that pipeline by  collaborating with local businesses, education systems, service agencies, and others to help build a long-term, cradle-to-career growth strategy for the Findlay-Hancock County workforce.

Our mission is to prepare and connect, through education and training, an adaptive workforce for Findlay-Hancock County to meet emerging employment needs. In order to provide opportunity to people in Findlay-Hancock County, we have to change the system that has failed many, to a system that provides opportunities for all.


“A structural shortage of qualified workers is creating a zero-sum labor market that is forcing communities to steal talent from each other, in order to survive and grow. The cause of this impending economic disaster: a baby boom generation who didn’t have enough kids to replace themselves, and an education system that has failed to properly prepare students for the new demands of today’s market. Add to that, 78 million soon-to-be-retired Baby Boomers who will go from high-earning producers to resource sapping dependents, and the situation worsens. Any community unable to attract and hold talent will join a growing number of economically doomed places where economic development is impossible.”

-Mark Lautman, When the Boomers Bail


Our mission is to Prepare and Connect, Through Education and Training, an Adaptive Workforce for Findlay-Hancock County to meet Emerging Employment Needs.

Our Community


Raise the Bar Hancock County collaborates with the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) on addressing workforce development in Findlay-Hancock County. The Center for Civic Engagement supports a network of community partners to interconnect resources while addressing complex social issues. Workforce Development through Raise the Bar is one of eight coalitions that the Center for Civic Engagement Supports. They are also a unifying voice on making sure the public is aware of the effort and energy put forth by all coalitions addressing complex social issues in Findlay-Hancock County.

Through the Center for Civic Engagement, Raise the Bar works closely with other coalitions in the area including Food Security, Health, Housing, Literacy, Mental Health & Substance Use, Safety Abuse & Security, and Transportation. To learn more about the Center for Civic Engagement and their initiatives, visit cce.findlay.edu.

Together, using a collaborative process, we strive for a collective betterment for our community.

Our Funding Partners

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