Our Process

Systems change can be defined as a change in policies, processes, relationships, knowledge, power structures, values, or norms of participants within a system that affects a complex, social issue. Raise the Bar works with stakeholders to evaluate and dissolve the complex social issue of Workforce. The stakeholder engagement process, designed by CivicLab of Columbus, IN creates the pathway for systems change and was adopted by Raise the Bar in 2016. Our Cradle-to-Career model examines the Findlay-Hancock County workforce system and drives system change through the development of cross-sector relationships (business, education, government, and social).

Our Philosophy: Professional Pathways

At Raise the Bar Hancock County, we believe that the trajectory of a child's career path can be positively shifted if there is alignment between the education system and the needs of the community through strategic initiatives that include a strong foundation, career exploration, and professional pathways. This cradle-to-career approach begins at the Pre-K level, and continues to foster workforce exploration and opportunity in alignment with the students goals and skill set. 



When students graduate from a Findlay-Hancock County educational institution, we want them to be prepared for whatever that next step will be that leads to a fulfilling career and high quality of life. If we have executed on the pipeline above, Graduates will have the soft skills and knowledge of opportunities in the community to propel their career aspirations forward. The question for Graduates becomes, “What will you choose?”

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