Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) is a nationally recognized program based on Toyota’s Advanced Manufacturing Technician program. The program provides students the pathway to earn an industry recognized degree while gaining valuable experience at a manufacturing company. In five semesters, graduates of the program earn an associate’s degree, multiple certifications, and log approximately 1,800 on-the-job hours at a sponsoring company.  If selected, students participate in the program’s 40-hour per week training program where they attend college two days a week, and work three days a week (at least 24 hours) at the sponsoring company. To learn more about FAME, click here.

Benefits to Business/Community:

  • Increases the skill level of employees in the manufacturing industry and helps to improve the image of the manufacturing industry

  • Creates and promotes manufacturing-related career path opportunities

  • Community becomes a talent hub for training in Manufacturing

  • Investments in community, workforce, building pipeline, replacing aging workforce, networking, leverage for diversity

Benefits to Students:

  • Structured pathway to obtain employment at an advanced skill level

  • Enhanced soft skills/professional practices –work attendance, initiative, diligence, interpersonal relations, teamwork, communication, etc.

  • Peer and self-assessments built into program

  • Network built within cohort that transfers to the workplace

  • Potentially zero student-loan debt

To learn more about the OH! FAME Program, click here.

Interested in applying to OH! FAME? Click here to fill out an application.

Raise the Bar Collaborators: Cooper Tire, Rowmark, GSW, Whirlpool, Ball Metal, Nissin, Veoneer, Valfilm, Owens Community College, Millstream Career Center, Findlay Digital Academy, Fifth Third Bank, Economic Development, and Raise the Bar Post-Secondary Committee!