Career Day

Over 1,100 Juniors and Seniors in Findlay-Hancock County  walked through "Career Day" at Findlay High School on September 27th. Each student was encouraged to look at their path and determine the requirements needed to pursue it. The event was marketed under the slogan "Every Career Path Is Unique. Find Yours!" Students spent time learning what businesses could have opportunities for them in their fields of interest. Businesses also had a chance to talk with students about what they do as well as potential opportunities. "Career Day" is held in conjunction with "College Day" and is a concept expanded from the Exploring Program (Millstream Career Center).

In Fall 2017, Findlay-Hancock County had nearly 1,100 Juniors and Seniors visit Findlay High School for the inaugural College and Career Day Event. The purpose of the event is to showcase to students the multitude of career opportunities that exist in Findlay-Hancock County. Over 30 businesses participated in the event; each displaying company information and providing hands-on examples of products produced. Approximately 25% of graduating students in Findlay-Hancock County are planning on pursuing other ventures rather attending college, including working in manufacturing.

Raise the Bar Collaborators: Secondary/Post-Secondary Committee, Findlay City Schools, Hancock County Schools, Millstream Career Center, Local Area Businesses